I'm me.

Director - Videographer - Storyteller

As a digital storyteller, video specialist and brand strategist, I bring a rare balance of right brain creativity and left brain logic anchored with determination and the staying power to bring imaginative ideas into reality.
They tell me it’s a unique combo.

I’m able to connect the dots between popular culture, human intricacies and business, using video and storytelling to get us all there together. I have thorough understanding of emerging media, brand reputation and production of all sorts; documentary to scripted commercial, huge corporate events to theatre.

I’m known for building exceptional relationships and for integrating quickly as a trusted confidant with clients, coworkers and partners alike. I like people, what can I say. My passion is solving problems creatively and I’ve been internationally recognized for strategic thinking, creative integration, video production and leadership.

Today, I direct commercials, tackle tough subject matter for organizations of all kinds, film family food, shoot golf tournaments and play with my 2 wonderful nephews whenever I’m in Canada.


International chic with a West Coast vibe.


After years of practice, I’ve found I do my best work when I work with people who believe what I believe. There’s only so much taming and suggesting I can do before I’m itching to take action. I started my video & storytelling career with a broken foot and a desire to work on the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games. My first boss matched my keen curiosity with structure and guidance, and ever since then the video medium has allowed me to live a life less ordinary. Born on the prairies of Canada and currently residing in the UAE, living and working abroad has polished my skills as a listener and storyteller while presenting a world of opportunities for unusual and quirky projects.

I’m proud of introducing many original ideas to values-based brands, communication companies, corporations, start ups and non-profits including TELUS, NYU Abu Dhabi, lululemon athletica, Bacardi, the Vancouver 2010 Olympic games and G Day for Girls.

In my spare time, I’ve channeled my passion for family, storytelling and food to create Memory Kitchen - my attempt at awakening a global food family dedicated to filming and cherishing family recipes. If you’re curious about filming tips, I’ve got some for you on YouTube!

Want to tell a story? Get in touch - I’m all ears.